It’s all about eggs

This is what we do last Easter, all about eggs, and thanks to the internet about the tips on how to blow egg, it’s so simple and it is so nice to do an egg painting, wish we have know it earlier!

:: 2 hours project- Each egg painted with poster color, sketched with marker, dried.. and finishing with clear pylox, and their name is ‘looney- grumpy and eerie’…. *-^

:: Instant project- Construction paper egg, I cut a few shapes for Mika, then she decide to make her own egg design..

:: really-really instant- Plastic egg with many colors, and a timer self potrait project- make sure that the camera is in the safe position! 😀

Drawing lesson

what’s that…?

it’s a comic mom.. about an eye.. 😀

and what do you have to pose like that..?
so I can look cool.. take a pic now.. , finished..?

a comic lesson,
on the top left is an example from me about how -to make a comic, the other is her…, it is amazing how fast a 4 years old could learn and understand a concept, all you have to do is give an easy example and leave the rest to them

A new hole, the alphabet, and the tripod

Err… just to confused finding the right words.. Just what happened lately in our house, this is the first one

Her first wishlist as a rabbit. Bunny have made a hole for herself, not yet move in but soon I think, she kept diggin and diggin, making my backyard so messy with all the soil – in rainy season!- hmph! but I just let her finish, I never see a rabbit hole before.. maybe next time she will be asking for a mate? *_*

:: She like to be stroke under the ears- just like dogs- funny isn’t it? it can put her to sleep sometimes


I’m trying to keep the other little girl busy, trying to teach her how to read now, oooh.. how I admire teacher- how- tell me how- to teach a toddler to read, I don’t even remember the first time, Mika always asking about how to read books, but always confuse in the spelling thing- maybe because the mother is a confuserrr.. heehee… So I do this playing with spelling thing, outside, drawing the letter, using picture, instead of using books and pencil, so far so good, I think she becomes interesting in this spelling activity, not more than 5-10 minutes per lesson :D..


:: This thing absolutely grab her attention, and this is one of many picture that she take, using timer and tripod.


:: rain2 go away..

:: rainy day, reading is the most common sense activity right now 🙂

:: we pampered ourselves, buying a hot air balloon lantern 🙂 it’s feel niiicee…
thanks to kamar karma– an Indonesian online shop for selling this, I like it! a lot!

Birthday and drawing!

Instead of giving Mika an instant birthday cake, I want her and her cousins to decorate their own version of cake. So I bought a plain mini cakes with many color of icing sugar, and give it to the kids, and few little candles to blow for each kids, yes it’s beyond tradition, and yes, they have a good time with this activity, so why bother.. 😀

I can say that they actually draw on the cakes, it’s beautiful to see the excitement and the proud expression on their face.

And they ate their masterpiece with no doubt, taste it like it was the most delicious cake in the world… nice little world… :))

Last week activityNovember 2007

Grated Coconut
kelapa parut, dikasi sumba,

buat pasaran, asik sekali,
kelapanya kemana-mana,
dipegang, ku tergeli-geli

Grated coconut with food coloring could give so much fun, this is my childhood play.. and it still applicable till now.. 🙂

Pig Robot

Dari botol biasa, ditempeli double tape dan kancing2, katanya ini ‘Robot Babi’

Do you know a bottle and many button can formed a Piggy Robot..?
Ice Cream Medan

Panas sekali udaranya, akhir2 ini, emang bener ya global warming effect?

And after that an Ice Cream would be perfect!