ATC from Ester and Vink

This beautiful piece is from Ester and Vink, I received it several months ago 🙂 with an additional sticker and printed cards too.. isn’t it wonderful! And this ATC things makes my day.. . Thanks Ester , thanks Vink!

:: From vink, an elephant rat..

:: From Ester, I fall in love with her bunny!

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IF – Trick or treat

Another work on progress, I think it suit the IF topic, so.. here it is.. 🙂

” You mean it’s not a mask?” asked the cashier as he tried to pull Brownie’s head.
“Ouch! Stop pulling my head,” said Brownie…
ATC from Rachel

Yaay.. another ATC from Rachel, it’s soo cute.., and when I read it to Mika, she asked me ” Mom, when will were going to the tea party?”
Cannot stop smiling.. thanks Rachel.. 🙂