Being a Shortlist Illustrator in Singtel Asian Picture Book Award 2013

Thanks to God.. šŸ™‚Ā 
In May I’ve got this delighting email from Singapore Book Council, saying that my illustration for ‘Cap Go Meh’ has been nominated for the Singtel Award, the shortlist was picked from 158 entries sent in from 19 countries. Not win yet butĀ honoredĀ yes.. :).Ā 

My friend, Sophie Dewayani the author also shortlisted for the author award. And this is the synopsis from the book, this book has not been published yet, wish us luck that we’ll find the perfect publication company.

Cap Go MehĀ *just click to view more about the inside illustration
Nisa, a Muslim girl, and Lili, a Chinese-Indonesian, debate over where cap go meh rice cakeĀ 
is the genuine icon of Eid Al-Fitr tradition or Chinese New Year celebration. After sharingĀ 
the excitement of experiencing each celebration, both end up discovering what is moreĀ 
essential; that a dish is able to bridge diversity.

Yaay another Award!

Got the creative blogger award from Monica- the art of Puro
It is always nice to have an award from a friend, between dateline and housework, between the rush of preparing the holiday and surving all the beautiful web, it really give me a booster,
thanks again Monica!

I would like to nominate these people, they are really creative, and know how to have fun
1. Gigi
2. Cata
3. Senta
4. Liz Conrad
5. Ria

You’re all a very talented people, keep up the good work and keep making people say: wooooow!! šŸ™‚

Blog award

Awards from a nice friends.
I got 1 blog award from Mike last year, 2 from Linda , and the rest is from Emila, thanks to all of you friend, it is so fun! really..

but I guess I just to lazy to pass it on, it is hard to choose you know.. ! But I think this time I will follow the rules, I just put it all together ok, wish me luck!

And this is the one that I will pass for you guys n girls..

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And this is my 6 nominate!
Kathleen Rietz, Zari, May, Rizal, antown,
Well, I only get 6 this time fiuuh!! Got to be better next time..