KPK Book- Let’s Be Honest!

The Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) is theIndonesian Corruption Eradication Commission, which was formed after special consideration on the extraordinary nature of corruption in Indonesia. I was asked to make an illustration for a children book that taught them to learn about the concept of corruption and being honest.

First the manuscript take the main character as a boy, and I just feel that a human character for this subject would be to mainstream, so I’m trying to thing about other character that can catch a child attention, a naughty critter from Indonesia,  a brave and wild one.

So my option goes to the red cat from Kalimantan, known as the bay cat or Borneo Cat. Look at his photo, isn’t he look scary and fierce? Haha.. anyway I won’t make a character so scary that children would run away by looking at him.But he end up like this. Cute isn’t he?img_20161201_0002

The story is teaching children to be honest, here the little kitten using his mother’s money to buy some ice cream without permission, so he’s a little overwhelmed and get a nightmare because of his guilty feeling.

And herewith the final version of the book, with a little bit additional story of traditional cake making as the background.


I hope this book could teach the children to learn about honesty, and bravery to admit one mistakes and deal with the problem 🙂

IF- Village

It’s a book about a boy who play with his paperboat, the author request is to make character of a boy with Philippines background, although Philippines it’s still in the Southeast Asia, I still have to search the local content of Philippines house and style, along with their traditional dress and style.

click the link to view the drawing process 🙂

Coba Lagi.. Coba lagi… (Book- The Boy Who Can Not Tie His Shoes)

Grraaah!  I like my new shoes but why it’s so hard to tie it!

It’s a book about process,
a determination and a story about
a young boy who have a new shoes but don’t have any idea how to tie one.

First time I read the script, it gives me a wide smile,

I can picture  every single expression this little dude will be; happy, determined, stress, tired, relieved.

And I do wish that everyone who read this to their young, will express it while they read it, every single expression, and watch how the listener will also change their own expression, that will be fun!

Make this book as a fun one, make them learn about patience, process, and result, at last :).

Don’t you agree?

Just contact the publisher to get the book :

From Rock to Rock – Children book illustration

The final result for my post about The frog who lost his home  .
Story by Ary Nilandari.

In this project I try to put the effort on the details, about the frog family expression, the mountain of stones that been taken away by the human, and the beauty of the ecosystem in this story. As this story are real life situation , about the rocks mining in Java, a little bit of Javanese culture is put inside the details, like the the “blangkon’ that the frog put on their head, the batik for dancing, and gamelan for the music instruments. Enjoy.. 🙂

Sketches and sketches…

:: Give our rock back!

:: Maybe we can do something…

:: From rock to rock we jump and play, from rock to rock we dance and sing!

Being a Shortlist Illustrator in Singtel Asian Picture Book Award 2013

Thanks to God.. 🙂 
In May I’ve got this delighting email from Singapore Book Council, saying that my illustration for ‘Cap Go Meh’ has been nominated for the Singtel Award, the shortlist was picked from 158 entries sent in from 19 countries. Not win yet but honored yes.. :). 

My friend, Sophie Dewayani the author also shortlisted for the author award. And this is the synopsis from the book, this book has not been published yet, wish us luck that we’ll find the perfect publication company.

Cap Go Meh *just click to view more about the inside illustration
Nisa, a Muslim girl, and Lili, a Chinese-Indonesian, debate over where cap go meh rice cake 
is the genuine icon of Eid Al-Fitr tradition or Chinese New Year celebration. After sharing 
the excitement of experiencing each celebration, both end up discovering what is more 
essential; that a dish is able to bridge diversity.

Book: Cap Go Meh

Finally done! Been doing this 15 spread books illustration in 2 weeks, errgg I’m so tired and so overwhelmed at the same time! I really love the story line because it really take a lot of courage to lift the topic of different religion and race in Indonesia, I hope this book could give a positive mind set for those who read it, that all religion is good, it is us, as human being, who have to learn a lot more about humanity and tolerance, no matter what race are we, what religion are we…

So.. enjoy.. 🙂

Cap Go Meh

By Sofie Dewayani and Eugenia Gina

Nisa, a Muslim girl, and Lili, a Chinese-Indonesian, debate over whether lontong Cap Go Meh is the genuine icon of Eid Al-Fitr tradition or Chinese New Year celebration. After sharing the excitement of experiencing each celebration, both end up discovering what is more essential; that a dish is able to bridge diversity. 

Lontong Cap Go Meh represents the Indonesian melting pot. Consisting of rice cake, chicken curry, along with several other side dishes, it characterizes the interwoven of Chinese, Malay, and the local Javanese cultural tapestry.