Book: Cap Go Meh

Finally done! Been doing this 15 spread books illustration in 2 weeks, errgg I’m so tired and so overwhelmed at the same time! I really love the story line because it really take a lot of courage to lift the topic of different religion and race in Indonesia, I hope this book could give a positive mind set for those who read it, that all religion is good, it is us, as human being, who have to learn a lot more about humanity and tolerance, no matter what race are we, what religion are we…

So.. enjoy.. 🙂

Cap Go Meh

By Sofie Dewayani and Eugenia Gina

Nisa, a Muslim girl, and Lili, a Chinese-Indonesian, debate over whether lontong Cap Go Meh is the genuine icon of Eid Al-Fitr tradition or Chinese New Year celebration. After sharing the excitement of experiencing each celebration, both end up discovering what is more essential; that a dish is able to bridge diversity. 

Lontong Cap Go Meh represents the Indonesian melting pot. Consisting of rice cake, chicken curry, along with several other side dishes, it characterizes the interwoven of Chinese, Malay, and the local Javanese cultural tapestry.

Bundled Edition of Dongeng 7 Menit

And the second package come after.., another bundled edition from the Dongeng 7 Menit edition, there are 6 books inside the bundled, a collaboration work between 4 illustrators and 1 writers,  you can see it in my recent works here and here 🙂

The cover

Ketahuan (Gotcha)

Book- 101 creativity book for kids

Got this books with my illustration on Saturday morning! yaay..
it really brighten up my day, the color print is very bright and colorful. Luv it..
It has more than 70 stickers and a cut and stick pages inside

Activity Pages

L: about national dress R: the cut and stick pages

Saya punya satu copy buku 101 cara jitu meningkatkan ketelitian anak dari BIP buat dibagikan gratis, caranya leave comment aja dibawah ya, nanti diundi, Goodluck ! Sementara buat yang berdomisili di Indonesia dulu ya.. 🙂

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Poor blog, I’m verrry veryyy lazy to do some update,  so much things to do, but wake up! wake up! You’ve got to start to writing again..! Wish me luck on this..

This is my recent sticker book like I’ve told you in this post, almost published  now it’s still on the printing process.

I know girls like fairies, I like them too, but recently all the myth that I have about fairies is contaminated, yes, contaminated if I might said, with all the barbie like fairies stuff, and all the disney typical of fairies it’s all so industrial and at the same time it’s so commercial, so I really want to make this fairies not- look- a like all the girlie things that I’ve already said above.

It’s still girlie, still have all the dazzling gown and stuff. But I might assure you that the  fairy that I have in my mind since I was a little girl, they’re  in this book.  So, enjoy .. :))

 :: And this is a doodle, err… is she a fairy, or elves.., just inspired by Disney- Tangled.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney works, but not the industry 😀

New Books- Ketahuan! Gotcha!

One of my favorite books that I’ve made so far.

The story is about a little girl who always hear ‘something’ at night, and she’s sure that it was her toys that making that strange noises.

It’s a rather classical story for me,
who never dreaming about an alive toys, dolls, or stuffed animals? And as we grow older the imagination ‘Puff!’- gone!
 anyway, I love this kind of story, always.. 🙂