Look what I’ve got lately, books books books.. !
This is why- I’ve told you- I love mailman 🙂

:: Early Christmas books from  Dian, a fellow writer, I was planning to save this for Christmas, but anyway.. why not having a little touch of Christmas now!
Thanks Dian!

:: And a swap picture books from Cecil, with a tiny cute Nekobus and a Ghibli CD songs!
I’m gonna play the CD while working and I’m sure I will get a lots of ideas by hearing some songs from Ghibli.. Thanks Cil!

:: Cool…!

Second hand treasure :)

I found these lovely- lovely book in our local market, after several visits, look what we’ve found, I don’t know who is more excited in finding these books, me or my daughter.. err,, we compete in this thing! 😀

::  Calvin and hobbes, little prince, little golden book, Hairy Mc Larry* I love the illustration and rhyme, and Martine, in Indonesia the name becomes ‘Susi’

 :: dream inside a dream! Scarry! *_*

:: On our second visit these is what we’ve found, another Hairy Mc Larry book and Martine becomes a ballerina

:: Martine, I love Marcel Marlier talent and details, I found the fans group on flickr here

Books- Crocodile Tears "Air mata buaya"

I fell with this one, when I first read the story.
It’s about a sensitive little crocodile who really, really, easily cry whenever something bad happened, but this time he really give a real tear from the bottom of his heart, not a crocodile tears as in the idioms, and this story so fun to illustrate that make me want to make it as comical and ‘silly’ but also cute for the children.

And it was about 6 months ago, when I was called by one f my favorite children book author in Indonesia, Clara Ng.

Quite a surprise, and I was more surprised when I found out that I was going to work with my illustrator friends in these book series, the series are called a 7 minutes story, there are 7 books each illustrated beautifully by 4 different illustrators. We shared process and encouraged each other during the making of these books, I’m really happy that I could experienced this. Girls you’re all great!
So again, enjoyed!

:: The sketches when the monkey unintentionally splat a green paint into the yummy porridge. Ugh! *_*

‘What’s your dream?’ Sticker Book

Got a surprised today,
My sticker book print has already released, the title is ‘What’s your dream?
from Erlangga Publisher

The story is to help children learn about many kind of occupation
I love the print color, it’s just as I expected 🙂

It has 16 pages of full colored scene from different kind of profession, and 8 color stickers pages.
So.. enjoy!

I love sketches!

I love sketches, I learn from them, old sketches , new sketches, I see so many in them, patience, desperation, hope, eagerness, process, happiness, and my self inside them.

This is a little bit of the sketches that I’d made for a children books project, aligned with the IF- clumsy rabbit that I’ve already post, I’ll show you the project as soon as the books comes
out. It’s a promise 🙂