Happy belated Christmas!

The last year Christmas cards I did for the card company, they want something modern and Β simple so here they are πŸ™‚

The village of little people, and snow, and ice skating, and snow, again.

:: and this is the real look of the little people, they have no mouth and nose!

Β In the land of pine tree and deer.
We don’t have snow here, so that’s why we are crazy about the idea of white Christmas *sigh πŸ˜€

Β :: another little people and little deer that are ‘big’

Almost Christmas!!

Hey it almost Christmas, it means so many things to do, how exciting!
I’m done designing these Christmas envelope, phewww.. it’s a lot but I’m quite satisfied with the result, I’ll let you know later after I receive the print out version..

and Christmas means decorating..

and baking Christmas cookies, that gone before Christmas, yes, we ate it all.. :D!

Advent week 1

:: This week we welcoming Moki, the new beagle for emak, he’s so small only 2 months old, look at his belly button, isn’t it cuteeee.. :D.

I’d love to bring him to our house, too bad Mika can’t stand the puppy licking thing πŸ™‚

:: At last our 25 days Advent calendar, where’s number 25? well, if we count the star, it’ll be 25

:: Take a closer look..

:: And a Christmas themes drawing, we don’t have snow here, I think that’s why all the children in a 2 seasons country, really like, I mean -really-really like, drawing anything with snow in it

:: And on the 4th, we bring out the nativity diorama, ‘ the kings have to wait till January’ said Oma, I never know about the 3 kings celebration on January, gonna find out later.. that’s all for now, see you on the 2nd week!