Valentine’s Project 2015- Gift wrap

 Pattern, I love pattern.. 😀
*Gift wrap Valentine’s Project 2015

Christmas Cards part 1

Been working for a Christmas cards project, this time I collaborate my design with Mika doodles, to add  an original children perspective of Christmas and style, and it turns out great.. what do you think :D?!

The Legend of the Golden Cucumber Princess

My latest drawing, water color  and pencil.
It’s an Indonesian children story about a girl, who born inside a cucumber.
I know this story since I was a little girl, and here is a part of the story:

“Run Timun Mas. Save your life!” said the mother. The giant was angry. He knew the farmers wanted to break their promise. He chased Timun Mas away. The giant was getting closer and closer.

Timun Mas then opened the bag and threw a handful of salt. It became a sea. The giant had to swim to cross the sea. Later, Timun Mas threw some chilli. It became a jungle with trees. The trees had sharp thorns so they hurt the giant.

However, the giant was still able to chase Timun Mas. Timun Mas took her third magic stuff. It was cucumber seeds. She threw them and became cucumber field.

But the giant still could escape from the field. Then it was the last magic stuff she had in the bag. It was a shrimp paste, terasi. She threw it and became a big swamp.
You can read the whole story here:

:: Make a book from these piece maybe..?
Gotta find a publisher first 🙂

From Rock to Rock – Children book illustration

The final result for my post about The frog who lost his home  .
Story by Ary Nilandari.

In this project I try to put the effort on the details, about the frog family expression, the mountain of stones that been taken away by the human, and the beauty of the ecosystem in this story. As this story are real life situation , about the rocks mining in Java, a little bit of Javanese culture is put inside the details, like the the “blangkon’ that the frog put on their head, the batik for dancing, and gamelan for the music instruments. Enjoy.. 🙂

Sketches and sketches…

:: Give our rock back!

:: Maybe we can do something…

:: From rock to rock we jump and play, from rock to rock we dance and sing!

Dahlan Shoes Series is out now :)

3 stories about a boy named Dahlan, actually it’s the real childhood stories of Bapak Dahlan Iskan, the 
 Indonesia’s Minister for State-owned enterprises

It’s about his experience as a poor farmer boy, finding his way to get out from his condition, a heart warming stories that remind us to accept life what ever condition we’ve been given to , but also to be smart and find our own way to break through to find a better life, and respect it.

Kriuk! Perut Dahlan semakin lapar.   Dia menatap meja makan dengan nanar. Di sana tidak ada sedikit pun hidangan.Sedari pagi Dahlan belum makan.  

Rumble! Dahlan’s getting hungrier. Dahlan hazily stares at the dining table. There isn’t even a bit of food to ease this hunger.
Since this morning Dahlan hasn’t found anything to gobble.

:: This one is the inside page from the first book, Dream Shoes.