IF- Village

It’s a book about a boy who play with his paperboat, the author request is to make character ofΒ a boyΒ withΒ Philippines background, although Philippines it’s still in the Southeast Asia, I still have to search the local content of Philippines house and style, along with their traditional dress and style.

click the link to view the drawing process πŸ™‚

IF- spent

I spent my time with the tadpoles.
They are so tiny.
So vulnerable yet so sweet.
I spent my time with the tadpoles.
and I like them…Β 

:: We found these guys in our backyards, as the raining season comes, with so many loud croaks of thousand frogs, here they are..Β 

:: and make a journal of their lives, the eggs hatching in only 1 day, but the tadpole phase is still a long long way to go, we feed these guys spinach and lettuce, with a little fish pellets every two days.. grow big dear little froggies!