IF- Duet

Well, it’s not a pure a duet, the little one choose to munch and relaxing by the big brother music piece.. 🙂

*commission project for a friend

IF- impossibility

I always dream of floating on a balloon when I was little, on ‘one‘ balloon precisely, but when my brother/ sister tells me that it is impossible, I move from 1 balloon to ‘what about 2 balloon? or a 10/ 12 balloon? will that make me float?

I think that was a reasonable number to make me fly at that time.. 🙂
And you know what, my daughter think exactly the same about this
balloon things, and now I begin to think that this subject is inherit .. heeheee..

:: The second- bonus– sketch is about the face of 5 y.o. game players who is sitting next to me, with her click and eek and ooh sound of desperation and excitement of the “SWIPER Game“.. -_-

yes. it is The … Swiper from Dora the explorer’s game.. , definitely a possible game.. 🙂