IF- Time

Little D can’t wait until tomorrow…!

I feel like little D right now, I can’t wait until ‘the’ book comes out, I’m talking about the Christopher Paolini’s book- Brisingr, the Indonesian version. I looove dragon!

got the e-book format but I’m a traditional person, and like more a traditional way to read a book, a book that I can easily open it whenever I want, anytime, anywhere.. err do you think I need a reader? we’ll see about it 🙂
Anyway, the trilogy is awesome,well it’s not Lord of the ring, but still I’m waiting for it to come…, the last time is when I’m waiting for HP book!

IF – String

In Indonesia long time ago, our mother usually use a long batik shawl called ‘selendang‘ to help their children learn to walk or to cradle the babies, and in the afternoon mother and baby usually take a short walk around the neighborhood and have a little chat.

This time IF topic remind me of how the mothers use the ‘selendang‘ to walk their baby, it surely look like a proffesional puppeteer and their puppet on a string 😀

*batik is surely a trend at this time 🙂 , I’m really proud of it!

IF- sugary

I made this illustration of a little gnomes a few year ago, it’s an illustration samples for my dear friend, too bad the project didn’t go well, but hey.. look at the bright side, now the topic is just perfect for IF.. 😀

this is the translation from the text:
‘ Little gnomes is very fond of chocolate, candies and biscuit, so fond of it that the food often stick on his teeth.

*sorry about the wrong tenses and vocab hehe..!