Oh where are you mr. sunshine..

I really miss bright Mr.  Sunshine nowaday, but we cannot just sit and do nothin, right?!
So I make a little doodle just to brighten up a little bit..

:: Little miss mouse want something very bad, she cannot forget about it for just one second!

:: Waiting the weather getting better with a bunch of books, what a good company!

The frog who lost his home

Still working on this project, it’s about a frog who lost his stone where he used to singing and dancing with his  friends, because of the city development.  Got enough time to work on this project, so I do hope the quality is much much better.. 🙂

Book: Cap Go Meh

Finally done! Been doing this 15 spread books illustration in 2 weeks, errgg I’m so tired and so overwhelmed at the same time! I really love the story line because it really take a lot of courage to lift the topic of different religion and race in Indonesia, I hope this book could give a positive mind set for those who read it, that all religion is good, it is us, as human being, who have to learn a lot more about humanity and tolerance, no matter what race are we, what religion are we…

So.. enjoy.. 🙂

Cap Go Meh

By Sofie Dewayani and Eugenia Gina

Nisa, a Muslim girl, and Lili, a Chinese-Indonesian, debate over whether lontong Cap Go Meh is the genuine icon of Eid Al-Fitr tradition or Chinese New Year celebration. After sharing the excitement of experiencing each celebration, both end up discovering what is more essential; that a dish is able to bridge diversity. 

Lontong Cap Go Meh represents the Indonesian melting pot. Consisting of rice cake, chicken curry, along with several other side dishes, it characterizes the interwoven of Chinese, Malay, and the local Javanese cultural tapestry.

Illustrating an I-Phone Games

I’ve been making this turtle character for an I-Phone games called ‘The Hungry Turtle“, this little guy have to be a smart, lazy but cute turtle that wondering into tons of challenge on each level, he’s got to find his way to the apple and eat it. There are a lot of levels with different background, and I love the process of making each background.. 🙂

Making an illustration for games is fun, and the people I worked with is great and very cooperative. Glad I have this chance!

:: Clockwise: The canyon, castle, cave, and factory

A little bit of Tintinism :)

:: My recent entry for Kelir, this month topic is about ‘Tintin’ 🙂 just click the picture to see it bigger
and Djamboel means ‘top knot’ in Indonesia..

There’s a little bit euphoria about ‘Tintin’ in my house recently, I’ve been a fans of  Herge since I’m in elementary school, my dad was a huge fans of Tintin too, there’s always a quarrel between us, there’s 6 of us, about who’s gonna read it first…

Now it is a little bit melancholic for me, it’s more than an ordinary piece of a comic book, the way it make my daughter laugh, the way it ‘still’ and ‘used to’ make me laugh, there’s something classical inside it..

and I’m glad the movies captured my expectation of the character quite well, but still, I love the books more 🙂