Almost Christmas!!

Hey it almost Christmas, it means so many things to do, how exciting!
I’m done designing these Christmas envelope, phewww.. it’s a lot but I’m quite satisfied with the result, I’ll let you know later after I receive the print out version..

and Christmas means decorating..

and baking Christmas cookies, that gone before Christmas, yes, we ate it all.. :D!

New paw in the house :)

Hello. This is Totto, our new pet cat. A curious bundle with sharp claw and teeth, yet so cute :). Bye bye smooth sofa. *_* purr purr purr.

Β :: Shake, shake, shake the cat.. *_*

:: Morning stroll …

Β :: beware of the next step, it usually involve sharp claw and teeth..

:: totto wants to play with old Bunny

Singapore Trip part 3

The favorite stuff!

Ke Art Museumnya Singapore, kebetulan pas lagi ada children art exhibition, jadi puas deh, anaknya demen, emaknya juga hehe!

:: Β Ini Walter the bunny, you can see but you can’t touch. Sempet “baru’ mau megang balonnya, namanya juga anak2, guardnya langsung lompat dan bikin anak2 pucat :D. See? That’s why it’s written do not touch.. !

:: ketemu rombongan anak2 sekolah juga

Β :: clockwise: mainan bunga2an yang bergerak kiri kanan disatu sisi dinding, membuat pattern dikertas, lalu ada keping2 raksasa yg bisa dibuat dari pattern yang dibikin trus di foto deh, mainan tukar pasang kostum real body size!, pasang memasangkan bentuk dgn shape yg ada dilantai, gajah ber stiker bunga

:: clockwise: karya instalasi diseluruh dinding dari mainan , papier mache yang boleh dicoret2 sama anak2; vandalisme terstruktur dan pada tempatnya!, Β fruit papercraft, tiket masuknya bisa dituker dgn 3 lembar fruit papercraft ini πŸ™‚

Practice in life

rolling.. rolling .. rolling…
β™ͺ β™« music playing..
rolling.. rolling .. rolling…
β™ͺ β™« music again.. β™ͺ β™«

:: You know, when you put your child into a music lesson,Β  there’s a few consideration that a parents should anticipate, mind about the imperfect noise, what I mean is the up and down of mastering one song into another, the skill of how you encourage your children even when you know that the difficulties is beyond your skill, but bettween the process we both learn a lot about life, of how you get the perfection on every note and on the next second it’s just slipped like that.. we did that in life too, and we all just have to practice too.. a lot πŸ™‚

:: Meet the second artist, Blackie aka Siitem πŸ˜€

IF- spent

I spent my time with the tadpoles.
They are so tiny.
So vulnerable yet so sweet.
I spent my time with the tadpoles.
and I like them…Β 

:: We found these guys in our backyards, as the raining season comes, with so many loud croaks of thousand frogs, here they are..Β 

:: and make a journal of their lives, the eggs hatching in only 1 day, but the tadpole phase is still a long long way to go, we feed these guys spinach and lettuce, with a little fish pellets every two days.. grow big dear little froggies!