China trip

We went to Beijing on July, it’s summer in there and the weather is surely hot, it’s quite an experience, I like their culture and art, it is amazing and very details.

 :: jade museum: they have this card that have a chinese character written for each western name 🙂
:: Great Wall: Mika’s drawing. We only finished the 1st post.. *_*’ 
:: summer palace, there’s an old man that is really captured my attention, and there he is.. 🙂
:: Lung; dragon statue at the airport- beautiful!
:: Summer palace again, this place really got something, something magical inside every corner, it’s old trees, old buildings.. rather creepy but beautiful..

:: Cute little cheongsam isn’t it, and I finally got my name on the stamp carved right on it, well the stamp really not as neat as the samples ( like on the right side on the photos) when I try it at home, but I’m quite happy 🙂

And a little bit tips :
1. For shopping in China: don’t ask the price, only if you really get into it, otherwise they will holding your arms tightly asking you to bargain until you feel uneasy and buy the thing. Always check your shopping after they wrapped it, they usually switch the broken things or give you the wrong size in purpose. Just be extra careful.

2. There’s a lot of yelling and spitting in China. They don’t mean to be rough by yelling at you- it’s only their custom, and about the spitting- it is all because there’s a lot of dust in China, taking by the wind from the Yellow River.

3. And the cons goes to the public toilet, just be prepare to bring a lot and lot of tissue… *_*’



We did a few photo-shoot last June, and look. There’s a perfect moment inside all the imperfection. 😀


Look what I’ve got lately, books books books.. !
This is why- I’ve told you- I love mailman 🙂

:: Early Christmas books from  Dian, a fellow writer, I was planning to save this for Christmas, but anyway.. why not having a little touch of Christmas now!
Thanks Dian!

:: And a swap picture books from Cecil, with a tiny cute Nekobus and a Ghibli CD songs!
I’m gonna play the CD while working and I’m sure I will get a lots of ideas by hearing some songs from Ghibli.. Thanks Cil!

:: Cool…!

Batik Cheongsam for Chinese New Year

Isn’t it sweet?
I always want a Cheongsam with batik print for my daughter, at last I’ve found a local online store that made it, and I just love the combination between Indonesian Batik and the oriental style. 
Lately in Indonesia we have a campaign to wear batik as our cultural heritage, and I can say the campaign goes well, so many beautiful pattern and so many ways to combine the fabrics, love it!

And this one is for the Chinese New Year the year of the tiger, may this year bring luck and prosperity to all of us, Gong Xi Fat Choi everybody!


Hei hei long time no see, it’s just I’m to laazy recently, with all the dateline and holiday, this and that, you will find me gazing through some delicious blog these days, with a blank mind to even post a single entry to IF and this blog, gee.. 🙂 and it’s nice, yes, to take a break for a while and looking around just to learn from those talented people in the net..

Meanwhile this is what we do in our spare time, catching butterflies, waiting, sneaking, and voila.. got them. And in all those waiting moment, everything like moving in slow motion, you listen, you open all your senses, it just refreshed your mind inside out.. try it..

:: Butterfly net, made from stick, plastic bag, and cello-tape 🙂

:: this is some of the butterflies we’d caught, we let them go after a few moment

flower booster :)

Got a flower booster from my daughter yesterday. Between a rush dateline, it really really make my day. Beautiful. Your flower and your attention. I really appreciate it dear.

And now here I am, posting 2 post in a row.. 😀

Ok get back to work!