Batik Cheongsam for Chinese New Year

Isn’t it sweet?
I always want a Cheongsam with batik print for my daughter, at last I’ve found a local online store that made it, and I just love the combination between Indonesian Batik and the oriental style. 
Lately in Indonesia we have a campaign to wear batik as our cultural heritage, and I can say the campaign goes well, so many beautiful pattern and so many ways to combine the fabrics, love it!

And this one is for the Chinese New Year the year of the tiger, may this year bring luck and prosperity to all of us, Gong Xi Fat Choi everybody!

Advent week 1

:: This week we welcoming Moki, the new beagle for emak, he’s so small only 2 months old, look at his belly button, isn’t it cuteeee.. :D.

I’d love to bring him to our house, too bad Mika can’t stand the puppy licking thing 🙂

:: At last our 25 days Advent calendar, where’s number 25? well, if we count the star, it’ll be 25

:: Take a closer look..

:: And a Christmas themes drawing, we don’t have snow here, I think that’s why all the children in a 2 seasons country, really like, I mean -really-really like, drawing anything with snow in it

:: And on the 4th, we bring out the nativity diorama, ‘ the kings have to wait till January’ said Oma, I never know about the 3 kings celebration on January, gonna find out later.. that’s all for now, see you on the 2nd week!


sampai sebesar apapun nak,
aku menggendongmu dalam hatiku

no matter how big you’ve grown dear child
I’ll carry you in my heart

Diambil waktu kita lagi santai dirumah,
tau2 sikunyil ngeliat selendang yg dulu pernah dipake buat ngegendong dia,
dia bilang ‘mama-mama, gendong aku dong!’
Udah umur 4 tahun, 16 kilo, cukup butuh perjuangan buat ngiket selendangnya,
dan karena kita ketawa2, ngakak berduaan, tambah susahlah proses gendong menggendong ini,

Taken when we just have an ordinary time at home, suddenly she saw her ‘selendang’, the one who use to cradle her when she was a baby, “mom, carry me, carry me!’
4 years old, 16 kg, yes it needs a struggle to carry her between weight and hysterically laugh and giggle but at least we made it, no make up, no dress up, just an ordinary moment between mother and baby- well in my eyes she still my baby always- and an everlasting happiness etched in my heart that day! 🙂

The days of laziness

Hiii… long time no see, I just feel to lazy to write nowadays, still keep up with all the works, I’ll tell you about my recent works later.., now I just feel to rest a little bit, tell you what’s going on the house lately, we do a lot of game, origami, drawing, and cooking..

:: this is a little conversation about ‘getting bigger- or smaller..”

  • mommy, why it is so hard to hide in this box now..?
  • dear, you’re getting bigger now..
  • no,I think the box is getting smaller mom – *grumble*..

:: I like to bake lately, with Oma staying with us, it like having a partner to do a lot of things, and you know you can’t beat ‘experience’ in this cooking things :), so why not now.. , and beside of that, internet surely give a lot of chance on the recipe etc, etc, so no excuse anymooooree….

thanks Pinodita for such a lovely cooking and baking blog.. :o)!

:: Sending Ben the Bear well it’s a lot of fun knowing many of my friends are ordering Ben, thank you all, I really appreciate this, and you know what, this ‘sending- packing’ things improving my finger beeeetter than before, and sorry about the ‘messy packing mode’ that I’ve send you friends! Gonna try to be more neat next time.. , I really envy you guys in etsy for making the packing seems so easy and beautiful.. heehe

Little time :)

Now that school has begun it is a little bit difficult for us to find a time to go outdoor and play in the morning, still, we manage to do a little time together

Mika still like to copying what I do, mostly drawing :), and she did a little duckie together with a flowery balloon, this is taken after I have finished my IF entry

Learning about color combination and shape making. This puzzle pattern things is one of her favorite, making the pattern with different position and many alternatives sure can put her into her own time.. 🙂

and Grandma accompany her with such an amazed look, seeing the two generation in one same position is such an interesting objects for me, with many different point of view and so many things to learn from both 🙂

Lately.. 🙂

We’ve been busy like a bee, mom try to catch up with all the dateline, while daughter is watching mom and playing around,
thanks for your tolerance dear.. 🙂

:: See the face? on the balloon.. yes that one.. !

:: Swinging with prudy


:: The leaf fairy

:: Inside the cave, it reminds me of a ‘womb’, it looks like one, isn’t it..? We folded the mattress, and use the flashlight to make funny shadows, traditional games that always new..:)

:: Oma crochet
From grandma, isn’t it beautiful…