IF- Alphabet & Postcard for Ella

C is for Cc the Cat
L is for Linny the Lizard
It is the difference that unite us all..

one night Linny ask Cc for a dinner with him..,

and Cc said,” No, you don’t have a tender and soft fur like me, I’m afraid of your spike!…

But I have a heart that is more tender than my spike, and it is just for you … :)…” said Linny smiling..
Will she accept the dinner.. what do you say..?

This drawing is also a postcard for Ella.
Ella, this one is for you, hope you like it :D, which one do you choose as a pet, Linny or Cc? I guess I know the answer heeehee…

Illustration Postcard Exchange 🙂

Got this beautiful postcard from my cyber illustrator friend. What a wonderful world!
This one is from Ella

And this one is from Emila

Thanks to you girl!

And next I’m going to exchange with Mike,
Mike, Ella, I owe you each a postcard- I proomisee!
Friend, just email me if you want to trade illustration postcard with me .. yaay… 😀

Illustrated Postcard Exchange
This is the postcard I made for Emila, I’m going to sent it tomorrow.. ! Emila make an exchange postcard event for everybody who’s interested, just illustrate the postcard as you wish, and sent it!

This is between Mika and Yassin, kids language around the world- toys!

I also ask Mika to sign the postcard, she decide to draw a man as her signature, and she’s bending the rule by making one of the leg cross over the balloonword… 0_0