KPK Book- Let’s Be Honest!

The Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) is theIndonesian Corruption Eradication Commission, which was formed after special consideration on the extraordinary nature of corruption in Indonesia. I was asked to make an illustration for a children book that taught them to learn about the concept of corruption and being honest.

First the manuscript take the main character as a boy, and I just feel that a human character for this subject would be to mainstream, so I’m trying to thing about other character that can catch a child attention, a naughty critter from Indonesia,  a brave and wild one.

So my option goes to the red cat from Kalimantan, known as the bay cat or Borneo Cat. Look at his photo, isn’t he look scary and fierce? Haha.. anyway I won’t make a character so scary that children would run away by looking at him.But he end up like this. Cute isn’t he?img_20161201_0002

The story is teaching children to be honest, here the little kitten using his mother’s money to buy some ice cream without permission, so he’s a little overwhelmed and get a nightmare because of his guilty feeling.

And herewith the final version of the book, with a little bit additional story of traditional cake making as the background.


I hope this book could teach the children to learn about honesty, and bravery to admit one mistakes and deal with the problem 🙂

Poem Illustration

Never done this before, when ibu Nana from Lembaga Seni & Sastra Reboeng contact me to do some illustration for her book, a compilation book of children poems. At first I’m smiling at how this children described their feeling in poem, some poem are very children-angle-described, but surprisingly there are 1 or 2 poem that are quite deep. Interesting.

These are 2 poem taken from compilation, the first one is about the flight accidident Air Asia QZ 8501, and the second one is about disappointment &  complaints. Part of it is below.


I meet the Lord

The Lord says: “I’m going to rent a taxi for you to return to earth!”

I answer nothing

And the Lord immediately kicks me to earth

I fall into the sea

Still lucky I am not dead

And the rescue team finds me





Our voices and
Our complaints

Are like rubbish                      
Oh, cry me a river
Looking at the misery