I’m not weird. I am limited edition

Got an influenza these days, a headache, and end up with doodling on the sketch book, you know the usual 100 grams paper, for sketch. But after several strokes I just wanted to try a little more strokes, and color it, first I use a carbon pencil but somewhat, I just hink that this sketch need more than just a pencil, si I decided to color it with my watercolor, a watercolor on a sketch paper, yap. A little wrinkles on the paper and this is the result.

I’m not weird. I am limited edition๐Ÿ˜€ Love this quotes!
It’s some kind of semihuman-cat mutan, that have a weird different shape of eyes, make it ackward but yet beautiful in its own way.
I think human also like that, we all have many differences that make people with certain kind of type, put a stamp on our head that called “weirdos”. And on this place called earth we could survived it and stand up high- we are limited edition. ๐Ÿ™‚weird 2l
weird small

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Why we are burning out in the artsย 

The pressure to do more, more, more
The problem with the work-for-free culture
The paradox of doing what you love and switching off
Prioritising self-care

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Morning.. :)

One ย morning accompanied by Javanese song, and little Mumu..

Sakehing kang dumadi makardi,
Lir Hyang Widhi kan tansah makarya,
Nguripi jagad tan leren,
Surya, Candra, lan Bayu
Bhumi, tirta kalawan agni,
Peparing panguripan,
Mring pamrih wus mungkur,
Anane nuhoni dharma,
Iku dadya โ€œSastra cethaโ€ tanpa tulis,
Nulat lakuning alam.

Semua yang ada di ini bekerja,
Bahkan Tuhan pun bekerja,
Menghidupi dunia tanpa henti,
Matahari, bulan, dan angin
Bumi, air tanpa kecuali api,
Memberi kehidupan,

Semua bekerja demi kelangsungan hidup tanpa pamrih,
dasarnya hanyalah merasa wajib,
Alam adalah โ€œIlmu nyataโ€ tanpa tertulis,
Kita wajib belajar dan meniru dharma baktinya alam

Dandang Gulo- taken from here

Nyampah? CIH! :D

Karena geregetan liat orang berdasi, rapi dan klimis buang sampah sembarangan.
Karena geregetan liat si cantik wangi, tanpa rasa bersalah buang sampah sembarangan
Karena geregetan liat ayah dan bunda membiarkan anaknya buang sampah sembarangan

karena melihat peluh pembersih jalanan dan sampah yang melihat para pembuang2 sampah ini tidak sedikitpun berpikir, bila.., kesadaran membuang sampah pada tempatnya, dan kesadaran untuk tidak menyusahkan orang lain, akan sangat- sangat membantu mereka

:: Feel free to share, contact me if you need hi-res image for the campaign