Happy New Year to all!

A Family New Year e-card with personification from theΒ ChineseΒ new year zodiac for each of my family member, as the Chinese New year Β will come this end of January, just think it’s a preliminary card for the Chinese New Year and also for ‘this’ New Year.. πŸ™‚

Goelali 2011- workshop Kelir

Kelir (Children Book Illustrator) join Goelali again this year, we make a simple paper craft workshop for the children, the theme is to make your own papercraft model that they like, his/ her can be a superheroes, princes, even themselves, the concept is to teach the children to explore more about the character..

:: sebagian dari obrolan anak2 ini
– mau bikin apa yuuk
+ (ngelirik temennya yg lagi ngegambar princess) Β princess .. πŸ™‚
– yuuk gambar princess, rambutnya yg panjang gitu ya..
~ (temennya ngelirik) aku ngak jadi princess, aku gambar mermaid aja deh.. Β , tapi rambutnya juga panjang.. *ngelirik temennya yg mau gambar princess tadi πŸ™‚ ..

– Lagi bikin apa?

+ superheroo… ada dirumput, dia sembunyi, rambutnya tinggi2..
– Trus superheronya bisa apa? Dia bawa apa? Β *berusaha mengarahkan anak supaya berimajinasi lebih tentang si superhero ini
+ Β Dia suka melawan dragon, buush busssh bussh gitu!
– ooooh dia tinggal di castle yah?
+ (ngebalik kertas model si paper craftnya) iyaaaaa.. *bersemangat, aku mau gambar castlenya aja deh sekarang! tinggi tinggiii castlenyaa!

(dan papercraft modelnya pun dicuekin.. hihihi.. )Β 

21 days of creative exercises day 14

The life of a freelancer πŸ™‚

It’s been 2 years since I resigned from my last office job, gee how time flew so fast.. The changing situation make us have to be wiser on spending the budget, and it double up when my husband also decided to become a freelance business analyst too. A few days ago the Indonesian government decided to increasing the fuel price up to 30% :’P.

Phew.. and this is my sketch on how we cope with the ‘increasing’ everything in here.. πŸ™‚ I think the saving tips from a freelancer, is applicable for everyone right now..
*don’t take it too seriously, just a few doodles to laugh about the situation.. ^_^

Saving tips number 1

Don’t forget to buy ‘tempe and sweet potatoes’ ( a traditional food in Indonesia, tasty food with a low price!) instead of KFC or Mc. Donald

Saving tips number 2
The new trend in the neighborhood. ‘Tummy button’ show off for toddler who grow fast, it is trendy and it is money friendly for the parents, mall and window shopping is a no-no nowadays..

Saving tips number 3

Buy 2 items for three πŸ˜€
err.. you know what I mean, no Starbucks, no Saint Cinnamon Rolls, no cheese cake factory..