Work- Alvin- going to the dentist

Been busy doing these series, books series about a little boy named Alvin, this one is about what to do when you loose your baby tooth :). There will be 6 series about Alvin, I’ll post about it later.. 🙂

Psst, don’t you just love the unbalanced teeth? They’re soo big.. well it’s because the children face are still growing, so the unbalanced proportion of their teeth is so cute.. I do think so!

Work- create- enjoy!
Nothing more enjoyable than a cup of hot tea and a’ gorengan’ and a few minutes of daydreaming in the afternoon… busy day, good food -well in my opinion th ‘gorengan’ taste delicious heeeheee…, and enough fuel to create again…

Sketch- sketch- sketch
A few sketch, come on! More productivee… create more, learn more, dont be lazy…! Watch more cartoonnn… ! yuckkk!